Sanwa Denshi JLF-TP-8YT Joystick

Sanwa Denshi Co. LTD

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This is Sanwa Denshi's flagship joystick! It is used in many arcade machines and found its way home thanks to MadCatz, Qanba, Hori, and many popular fightsticks. 

The soft springs and microswitches gives this joystick one of the smoothest motions for your gaming experience. The Sanwa Denshi TP-MA Microswitch Board uses 5-pin connector with common ground. Included with the joystick is the Sanwa Denshi JLF-P1 flat mounting plate and Sanwa Denshi GT-8F traditional Japanese 8-way square restrictor gate.

Balltops and the Sanwa Denshi JLF-H 5-Pin Wire Harness are sold separately.