Sanwa Denshi JLF-TPRG-8BYT-SK Silent Joystick Lever

Sanwa Denshi Co. LTD

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Tuned for professional competition, this is Sanwa Denshi's 3rd generation silent joystick lever!

The spring tension is strengthened for improved resilience and responsiveness. The OMRON D2RV-G-SD3 Microswitches have the softest tactile touch to allow the feel of the click without letting anyone know. The flat mounting plate fits in many popular joystick cases making it easy to install.


Sanwa Denshi warns that the joystick assembly is very sensitive and does NOT recommend taking it apart to change restrictor gates. This can damage the construction and alter the characteristics of the silent actuation. There is a sticker attached to the microswitch and restrictor gate to let users know to not remove the pieces. If the sticker is removed, the warranty is voided without exception and there will be no refunds, exchanges, or returns. Do not install the Sanwa Denshi GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Gate as the assembly and microswitches are not designed for it. This is a direct warning message from Sanwa Denshi.